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    We've Got A Part For That

    Blanchard Used Parts is the largest Cat Used Parts facility in the Southeast, with over 40,000 parts in stock. We have a knowledgeable, experienced staff of Used Parts Sales Representatives making Blanchard Used Parts the source for used and aftermarket Caterpillar parts and components.

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    Benefits of Buying Used Heavy Equipment Parts

    Buying used can be a convenient option when repairing or servicing heavy equipment of any age. With any repair decision, the most appropriate type of part to use is dependent on a number of factors, including cost as well as availability, quality and convenience. Purchasing used Cat parts can be a good choice in any of the following scenarios:
    • New parts or other options are prohibitively expensive: One of the biggest benefits of buying used Cat parts is the cost savings — as opposed to buying aftermarket or attempting to repair a broken component, buying used gives you genuine Cat quality for a fraction of the price.
    • New replacement parts are out of stock or backordered: Both brand-new and older machinery can be difficult to source parts for, as well as rare or imported machinery. If new or aftermarket parts are backordered or unavailable, buying used gives you access to a quality replacement that can get your equipment up and running again quickly.
    • Used parts will expedite a repair: When complex engine, transmission or hydraulic components need to be replaced, purchasing a used assembly can make a big repair simple and reduce the likelihood of delays. As opposed to buying new, used assemblies may already contain the hardware necessary to finish the job.

    Contact Our Used Cat Parts Department Today

    Blanchard Machinery is proud to offer the best selection of used parts for Cat equipment and allied brands. For more information on Used Parts from Blanchard Machinery, contact your Used Parts Sales Representative or call 1-844-BLANCHARD (1-844-252-6242).